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Experience unmatched harmony with processes hygienically crafted from the beginning to the end


Enrich your taste buds with authentic regional flavors of India created to evoke lasting memories.


Enhance the essence of tradition with ingredients processed to bring out optimal flavors

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Delightfully Simple yet Skillfully Curated.


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Eat For Good Health - Udupi Kitchen comes online

When Traditional Food is the word in mind, Indian spices burst through the mind and Udupi Cuisine from the southern region takes a nostalgic role. Imagine if you can get the authentic flavors of the ancestors to your kitchen.

What if those flavors are from the generation of two pioneering culinary legacies?

Yes, you heard that right. The granddaughter of the two renowned culinary specialists of Udupi, Woodlands Hotels and Dasaprakash, well known for spicing up our lives with “the Masala Dosa” curated Udupi Kitchen range of authentic Easy to Cook masalas, Pudis, and Ready Mixes from her family’s kitchen. EFGH is a creation that offers you flavourful masalas made from the finest ingredients sourced from their origin not to mention the Hing from Afghanistan, each ingredient carefully selected for their premium quality, handpicked and processed with hands-free, technological equipment with all the stands of safety and hygienic practices in place, to retain their nutritional value for an enhanced culinary experience.

Eat for Good Health is a superior collection of mouthwatering delicacies ranging from masalas, Pudis, and ready mixes. Just whip up the famed Bisi Bele Bhath or toss up our signature Kara Dosa in minutes to feel the authentic burst of flavors in a hearty home-cooked meal. With careful curation of handpicked ingredients from nature far and wide to an extent of bringing them all the way from Afghanistan, we ensure the masalas are freshly grounded to the perfect consistency and packed with goodness....

Our Products and process are always made with:

Integrity involves best hygienic and ethical practices and processes from curation, processing, packing, and delivery. Authenticity, by resourcing from all the right places at the right times to maintain the integrity of the tradition Purity, to get the best of every ingredient that is pure and straight from nature without any additives or compromises.

Our 13 mouthwatering varieties of easy-to-make masalas, pubis, and mixes are a painstaking curation of tradition with contemporary processes. Buy online Sambar Powder, Rasam Powder, Bisi Bele Bhath, Kundapur Curry Masala, Flaxseed Chutney Pudi, Udupi Chutney Pudi, Chitranna Rice Masala, Horesegram Rasam Mix, Mangalore Gojju Mix, Thambuli Shots, Udunittu Mix, Uppittu Mix, and Kara Dosa Masala for an indulging experience.

Join us in the journey of healthy eating and practices that speak Integrity, Purity, and Authenticity. The masalas are 100% natural, free from preservatives, FSSAI approved, and do not contain artificial colors or agents. This is our promise to you. We have made it easy for our customers to browse, buy and enjoy our products with hassle-free payment and on-time deliveries across India. We have made it convenient for you to access all the products with ease with 3 simple product categorizations of Pudis, Ready Mixes, and easy-to-cook masalas.

Delivering the best quality product for quality-conscious customers is our mantra at EFGH. And we ensure the quality of our ingredients, process, and packaging is nothing less than a gourmet experience. We have made sure your payments are simple and seamless with multi-payment methods and gateways for Debit/Credit Cards, Internet Banking, and UPIs. The convenience of shopping through an Online Masala Store has never been easier. We would love to connect with you far and wide, across the globe through distributions and exports to share the joy of the regional cuisine of India. This is not just any masala company, this is a grand unison of trust, taste, and technique. The legacy continues...

Discover the authentic taste of South Indian cuisine with our Udupi ready to eat range. Our collection of Udupi ready to eat products features a variety of mouth-watering delicacies including masalas, Pudis, and ready mixes that pay homage to the traditional Woodlands Udupi restaurant and its famous Udupi style food. Made with handpicked ingredients and sourced from the finest farms, our Udupi ready to eat masalas, pudi’s, and mixes are sure to elevate your home cooked meals to the next level. With just a few minutes of preparation, you can enjoy a delicious and hearty Udupi style meal in the comfort of your own home. At Eat for Good Health, we take great care in sourcing only the best ingredients from nature far and wide. Our Udupi ready to eat masalas are freshly ground to the perfect consistency and packed with goodness to ensure that every bite of our Udupi ready to eat products is bursting with flavour. Our contemporary blend of traditional and contemporary ingredients in each of our ready to eat products is specially curated to bring the perfect balance of authentic flavour and modern convenience. Udupi food products are known for its pure and natural ingredients, our products also follow the same principle and bring you the authentic taste of Udupi cuisine in the comfort of your own home. Whether you're a busy professional looking for a quick and easy Udupi ready to eat meal or a food lover looking to indulge in some delicious Udupi cuisine, our Udupi ready to eat range has something for everyone. So why wait? Shop now and taste the difference with Eat for Good Health's Udupi ready to eat range and enjoy the authentic taste of Udupi in every bite. Our Udupi ready to eat products are perfect for anyone looking for convenient and delicious Udupi food.

Here’s to Happy Healthy Eating with Udupi Kitchen!
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