New Meaning To Traditional Udupi Cuisine

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An Impeccable
Culinary Legacy

Evoking memories of nourishing, healthy, and authentic cooking found in your family kitchen, The Udupi Kitchen’s range of masalas invites you to create your own mouthwatering feast. Bring back memories of sopping up your favourite chutney pudi with a crisp dosa, fresh from a sizzling pan.

Start new family traditions when you easily whip up a hearty Bisi Bele Bath for Sunday lunch.Wherever you are in the world, The Udupi Kitchen ensures you are never too far away from that quintessentially South Indian taste of home cooking.


The Mingling of
Old & New

Granddaughter of the pioneering legacies of Woodlands Hotels and Dasaprakash, Gayathri Rao created Udupi Kitchen to offer the very best from her family’s kitchen to yours.

Continuing the tradition of innovation that led to her ancestors inventing one of India’s favorite breakfasts – the Masala Dosa – Udupi Kitchen’s Flaxseed Chutney Pudi is a result of Gayathri’s efforts to build a culture of healthy eating while never compromising on taste.

The Kitchen Comes Alive

These modern masalas blend a century of painstaking curation of traditional taste with the consistency in hygiene and quality offered by state-of-the-art processing technology. A passion for detail – from the hand-picked spices to the carefully calibrated blending – is what carries this famed legacy forward.

The charming culinary customs of an authentic Udupi kitchen are rediscovered in the warmth of your very own kitchen. Elevate your cooking easily with aromatic spices sourced for their superiority. Enjoy flavors so bold, they brighten the rest of your day. Compose a meal worth taking the time to savor.

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