Can you store spices outside?

Can you store spices outside?


Whenever you are planning to add a bit more spice to your food, then you need more than just salt and pepper. There are high chances that you will end up with more than what you have imagined, especially if you are dealing with Indian food. Indians are known for their high spice tolerance, and it is not just about red chili powder. You have turmeric, coriander, cumin, and so much more. 

Now, purchasing pure Indian spices has become a lot easier, thanks to Eat For Good Health, your online spice counter. You get the chance to purchase anything you like and within your pre-set budget plans. You need to order your spices online and get those delivered to your given doorstep within a few business days. 

When to store spices outside:

The real question now lies with the storage of spices. You might be tempted to keep it outside, on your spice rack in the kitchen, from where it becomes a lot easier to get them while cooking. But, it is only applicable to store spices if you have those in a small amount.

If you have 50gms of each spice on your spice rack, then you are good to go. As you will be using these spices on a daily basis, you can keep them outside near your cooking area. But, when it comes to bulk spice orders, then keeping them outside at room temperature isn’t a clever option.

At this stage, you are asked to store your spices inside the refrigerator, in a cool, dark, and dry space, away from heat and direct sunlight. You cannot even keep them near any electronic item like dishwasher or microwave in your kitchen.

Each spice has a heat-tolerant level, after which it turns bad. You will lose the smell, taste, and feel of these spices. Moreover, too much heat for a longer span of time will turn the spices moldy and clumpy. These are signs that you need to get these spices out of the store and replace them with new ones.

So, overall, it can be clearly stated that if you are purchasing pure Indian spices in bulk, it is always a good choice to keep them in the fridge. You can get a portion of the spice and keep them outside on your kitchen rack. The rest should be inside the fridge.

Better to get the spices in a lower amount:

It is quite understandable if you plan to purchase your spices in bulk due to the pandemic. You need these spices for your daily meals, and visiting your nearby retail store from time to time might not be a good option when social distancing is a must. So, people might have thought of getting the spices in bulk.

  • But, thanks to Eat For Good Health, now you don’t have to bother to get outside your home for the spices.
  • This is one of the most reliable online spice stores, where you can get all kinds of Indian spices and herbs to add that extra level of flair to your food items.
  • Moreover, this firm has the fastest delivery option, which makes it even more popular among the masses.
  • As now you can order your spices online and get them delivered within a few days, there is no need to purchase the spices in bulk. You can get them in small amounts and use fresh products all the time.
  • Just because you are ordering the spices online, that does not mean you have to pay extra for the services. The rates remain reasonable and similar to the retail store prices.

Make sure to store spices in opaque containers:

Yes, it is totally understandable if you want to store your spices in those multicolored glass jars, but storing them in clear, opaque containers is the way to go. 

  • It is more about preserving the flavor and freshness for a longer span of time.
  • So, keeping them in clearly labeled opaque containers will be a perfect choice to make.
  • Quite like the olive oil, exposure to light can easily affect the spice flavors with time and get them to age quicker.

Store the bulk spices in the freezer but at caution level:

This is one great option in case you manage to buy Indian spices online in bulk orders. But, get them in bulk only if you use them frequently. In case you don’t, it is better to buy the amount that seems reasonable for your daily use. Another important note is that do not freeze for daily storage. In its place, you can refill the smaller containers with the frozen spices, as frequent freezing and the defrosting process will lead to excess condensation. So, the spices will turn clumpy or will get spoiled quickly.

So, next time you make plans to purchase Indian spices, get them in the amount you need and straight from the house of Eat For Good Health.

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