Is masala dosa good for health?

Is masala dosa good for health?


If there is one food item that South India is known for then, that has to be dosa. This crispy rice-lentil fermented crepe with spicy potato mixture as its filling is not just mouth-watering but will be that perfect breakfast to start your day with. Most people love masala dosa or its rich taste. Mixing each bite with spicy sambar soup and coconut chutney will give your day the kick start it needs.

The sambar and even the masala dosa have some of the major pure Indian spices, which will give it that wow factor you have been looking for in breakfast food. In case you are planning to make dosa and its sambar at home, you can get all the ingredients straight from Eat For Good Health. All the spices can be ordered online and delivered to your given address on time. 

The health quotient:

Now, there is one thing about masala dosa that most people are unaware of. Masala dosa is known for its health benefits as well. Otherwise, why would millions of people have it for breakfast! Not just known for its tasty delight, but the health values that masala dosa has are hard to beat by any other Indian breakfast. So, before you make plans to add this to your regular diet plan, let’s learn how this meal is going to be a win-win situation for you all!

Always easy on your digestive system:

Well, let’s just start off by saying that dosas are not just great for your taste buds but also proven to be pretty light on the digestive system. It is prepared using fermented rice and lentils after soaking them for hours. 

  • Being a fermented breakfast meal, dosa is easier for your body to assimilate and then digest.
  • You can also have some of the other healthy ingredients in place of rice like Rawa or oats for altering the taste and calorie count.
  • So, even if your diet chart does not allow rice intake, such substituted options will make masala dosa a great addition to your diet plan.
  • Apart from these points, it is considered to be a wholesome meal. It means that once you make dosa for breakfast, you will remain full for a long time. So, no need for those mid-snack cravings anymore!

Get the perfect carbohydrate from this breakfast:

If your body needs healthy carbohydrates, then having dosa is the best option you can opt for. Your body will have the necessary energy to help you go through the day. That’s why the laborers make sure to have dosa for breakfast.

  • On the other hand, if you are planning to shed some weight, dosa will be the right breakfast for you.
  • Remember that removing carbs from your diet completely will make you lethargic, with a lower energy count, and that can lead to depression.
  • So, it is highly recommended to give our body the daily dose of healthy carbohydrates and only from healthy sources. Masala dosa will be one such healthy source to consider.

Also, a great protein source to consider:

Protein is considered to be yet another major nutrient source that the body needs to keep you active throughout the entire day. But, getting enough protein amount in your body can be a tough nut to crack for the vegetarians out there because they don’t consume meat products.

  • So, for them, including dosa in the diet plan will be a clever choice to make.
  • Dosa and sambar are made from lentils, which are counted as a good protein source for your body.
  • For that extra healthy twist, you can add more dal and less rice while making a healthy batter for your everyday morning consumption.
  • Well, to complete the meal, you have to get yourself the coconut chutney. Well, it is not just for enhancing the taste, but coconut chutney has healthy minerals, vitamins, proteins, and fat, to improve your health’s current condition.
  • But, in case you are trying to lose some weight, make sure to go easy on the chutney. Then you might have to lower its consumption a bit.

From Eat For Good Health, you can get all the pure Indian spices used for not just making dosa and sambar but chutney as well. All you have to do is go through all the possible options and navigate the site well. You can ask the online professionals for help, and they will get the spices you need for preparing your meal.

Lower on fat count:

Nowadays, due to too much junk food intake, people are suffering from diabetes, heart ailments, and similar issues. So, taking care of their diet plan is important. But, dosa is considered to be a healthy breakfast option for those who want to keep a check on the fat count. 

So, next time you are looking to buy Indian spices online or dosa batter, make sure to visit Eat For Good Health now. Get everything under one umbrella.

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