Which rice is best for dosa batter?

Which rice is best for dosa batter?


Have you ever tried South Indian food? The food from this region is mostly known to be rice-based and has a distinct flavor and smell to them. Some food items are a bit towards the bland side with sambar making all the differences, and then you have the spied chicken Chettinad, which will blow your mind with how heavily spiced up it is! Now, if there is one thing that every Indian and probably everyone around the world knows about South Indian food, that is dosa.

Dosa is a flat crepe-like exterior made out of rice flour. It is super crisp and thin and can be either eaten along as plain dosa or comes with a masala potato filling inside. Nowadays, there are various versions of masala dosa available, and some are even unique to the Indians out there. You have Schezwan dosa, Noodles Dosa, Chocolate Dosa, and what not! So, overall, there are plenty of options to cover up in this food category.

But, no matter whatever the fillings are in or how many pure Indian spices you have used to make this dish, nothing will come out great if the crisp thing exterior shell is not made properly. It is this shell that will hold up all the spices intact and will give you the best taste you have ever wanted. 

The right price for the batter:

As it has been mentioned already, dosa is made out of fermented rice batter, which is well mixed and then spread flat on a tawa for that crispy exterior yet a chewy interior taste. Now, you need to be aware of the best rice, which will make this dosa pops up a bit. 

Indians are known to love their rice, and there are so many variations to them. Choosing one that is your perfect call is always the best option to consider. The type of rice that is mostly used by professionals for making dosa batter is different from the one used for idli batter. 

Ways to choose the best price:

For the dosa batter, any shorter grain of raw white rice and probably broken can be used. You can try using the kolam rice for the dosa batter, and it will surely work wonders.

  • While purchasing rice for the dosa batter, be sure that you are purchasing the raw rice only and not the parboiled one. Parboiled rice is mainly known as boiled rice.
  • You don’t need many spices for making the dosa batter. It is plain and simple. But, you can use the pure Indian spices for manufacturing the sambar, which is a great vegetable and lentil soup that goes with the dosa. 
  • You cannot eat dosa alone unless you have the spicy vegetable sambar and some coconut chutney by your side. These are the holy grains to make this dish complete.

Now you can get all the pure spices straight from the house of Eat For Good Health. This online store will not just provide you with the best spices for sambar, but you can get the best price for the dosa making as well. So, everything you need will be presented right at our fingertips. Just go through the available options and look for the dosa masalas available in the market. Once purchased, the items will be delivered within a few business days.

You need lentils as well:

You can’t make the perfect crispy dosa with just the rice. You need lentils as well to cover this task, and that’s exactly what you need from the online store as well. Moreover, you need to soak the rice and lentils together. The ratio needs to be the same for both these options.

  • In place of using regular rice, you can make dosa with a total of 1 cup of idli rice if you don’t have the dosa rice available by your side. For that, you don’t have to add the lentils.
  • To add a bit more flavor to the crisp, you can add fenugreek leaves in a small amount, maybe just a pinch. That will give out a nice earthy aroma to your batter, which in turn, will elevate your taste more.
  • For a more crispy taste, you can soak and add some poha as well to the mix. Anything and everything that you need to make a fine dosa batter you can get straight from this online store.

Just make sure to avoid using long grain rice like basmati for making dosa batter. It will not work well. Other than that, you can buy Indian spices online and even the perfect rice quality from Eat For Good Health. This online store has everything and at reasonable prices. So, no need to spend a hefty amount on the items. Once purchased, you can pre-made the rice batter beforehand and then start working on the crispiness of the dosa.

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