This iron-rich Rasam with a delectable twist is known for its long cooking process. We have made this simple for you through a ready mix without compromising on taste, nutrition and quality.

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Horsegram Powder, This legume is highly beneficial for common cold and congestion. It is extremely rich in protein, iron, phosphorous and calcium. It serves as a great boost to cognitive functions and also detoxifies the liver. Salt, Rasam Powder, Jaggery, Helps boost immunity and prevents constipation. It is also rich in iron content which prevents anaemia, joint pain and detoxifies the body. Tamarind, Handles digestion issues, fever, sore throat, rheumatism, inflammation and sunstroke. Turmeric Powder, This has a great therapeutic value and boosting immunity is one of its most significant properties. Curry Leaves Powder. Fights infection, improves hair and skin and helps in gastrointestinal problems.

COOKING DIRECTIONS (100gms packet serves 4)

■ Add a sachet of Udupi Kitchen Horsegram Rasam mix to 3.5 cups of water. Slow cook, allow to simmer for about 40 mins.

■ Season with 1tsp oil, ¼ tsp mustard seeds, red chilli, curry leaves.

Optional: Add 6 pods of garlic to the seasoning.

Suggested garnishing

Garnish with coriander leaves.

Serving Tip

Serve hot with white rice and ghee * Enjoy as a soup with a dollop of hung curd!


EFGH Foods- Helping you allocate the me-time

EFGH Food’s Ready Mixes is like the 7 wonders. By making homely food easy and simple to cook, We have packed convenience, Health, Taste, and Goodness in one box. Our range of 7 ready mixes makes cooking super easy and the food tasty! Each ready mix is unique and has a different taste, aroma, flavor. A treat to your taste buds.

In the line we have the Chitranna Rice Masala, a common dish prepared in almost every household of South Indian. This typical South Indian recipe is an all-rounder dish spicing up your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Chitranna rice masala can be cooked within a few minutes when you are running out of time or running late. This tangy affair can be your quick savior. All you have to do is add the desired amount of Udupi Kitchen Chitranna rice mix to cooked/leftover rice. Mix in the desired amount of hot coconut oil or ghee. The tamarind and raw mango bring the tanginess and the chili, jaggery brings the sweet and spicy flavor.

Let us also introduce you to this super legume, Horsegram – which recently has taken the spotlight for its unbelievable health properties. The famous Kollu Rasam from southern Indian cuisine can now be simple and quick to make. This protein-vitamin-iron-fiber rich goodness along with a few other healthy ingredients constitute this yummy Rasam. Use it as an accompaniment with hot rice or as a starter, a nice hot soup on a rainy day. Buy online horse gram rasam mix – the rasam of tradition. Moving on the southwest coast of India we have the traditional Mangalore cuisine, The famous Mangalore Maneskai Gojju. This sweet, spicy, sour, and bitter combination with pineapple as a key ingredient is typically eaten just like any other curry with rice or served for dosa or Rotis. You may not like pineapples on your cheesy pizza but you will definitely fall in love with this pineapple gojju which will leave you drooling.

Masala dosa, rava dosa, or just the plain dosa is a common breakfast in every South Indian kitchen house or restaurant. If you are tired of eating the same dosa every day here is good news for you! We are bringing a plot twist here! your normal dosa is not normal anymore. Yes! Our kara dosa masala includes spices that are loaded with goodness. Just add this masala plus the vegetables of your choice to the regular dosa batter, and prepare the dosa normally as you would and have the protein-rich Kara masaledaar vegetable dosa.

We also have something to beat the heat! This healthy cooling drink popularly known as Thampu Huli will relax your mind and body. Made from the simplest ingredients, thambuli shots are a must-have product, especially in summers. Just add the Udupi kitchen thambuli mix with buttermilk or curd and calm yourselves. So, on sunny days replace your artificial drinks with the traditional, healthy thambuli shots.

Our Story with Udunittu and Uppittu is magical. Udunittu mix is a flavored curd/yogurt that can be used as a dip or to make puffy paniyaram. Loaded with ingredients like Black Gram Powder, Green Chilli Powder, Ginger Powder, Salt, Asafoetida, Moringa Powder, Udunittu mix is nutritious with all the required vitamins. While Uppittu being the odd one out, we have enhanced it to a yummy affair so that you can show some love to it. To make your job easy we have the famed uppittu mix that is instant and tastes delicious. Add the uppittu mix to boiling water plus veggies of your choice and enjoy the mouth-watering breakfast with our EFGH Uppittu Mix.

Every EFGH product that goes out of our factory ensures high quality, great taste, and healthy food. Buy online Thambuli Shots, Uppittu Mix, Mangalore Gojju Mix, Udunittu Mix, Kara Dosa Masala, Horegram Rasam Mix, Udupi Chitranna Mix. To make the order process hassle-free we have multiple payment options available. With shipping all over India, you need not worry about the place you reside in. Everything is taken care of from the standard packaging to contactless delivery. Enjoy the ready mixes that are preservative-free, 100% natural, 100% vegetarian, and filled with plenty of goodness!

Here’s to Happy Healthy Eating with Udupi Kitchen!

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